The Four Winds, a review by Cat

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The Four Winds
Kristin Hannah

Published February 2nd, 2021
By St. Martin’s Press
464 Pages

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Kristin Hannah has done it again – she’s written a compelling novel that finds a way to bury itself deep in our hearts. The Four Winds is set during the time of the Great Depression and is a powerful and empowering journey.

It all started in Texas with Elsa Martinelli. Against all odds, she had found a way to be happy with her lot in life. Then the crops began to die, and the water dried up. On the precipice of disaster, she and her family must make an impossible decision: stay and risk it all, or go and risk it all.

The Four Winds is a novel to pick up if you’re looking to have your heartstrings tugged upon. Elsa’s story is so relatable and so wonderfully human that it’s impossible not to get attached to her character.

It makes the events that occur within these pages all the more intense, eliciting a variety of emotions along the way. That may make it sound like a depressing book, and at times it is, but there are plenty of beautiful moments as well.

I was blown away by what I found in The Four Winds – and I went into this book expecting something spectacular, based on my love of Kristin Hannah’s writing. Hannah really grasped (and portrayed) all the hardship and struggles of these years, while also highlighting the strength of will some people carry within themselves.

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