The Foundling, a review by Shelley

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Stacey Halls

Publication Date: February 3, 2020
384 Pages
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I have had this on my TBR for almost four years and am kicking myself for taking so long to read it. I loved this book so much. It grabbed me right away and didn’t let me go until the last page was turned and even then I was still thinking about it. I don’t know what it is about historical fiction that focuses on mothers and babies that gets to me.

This was such a sad story on all accounts. Bess has to give her baby up to the Foundling Home because she can’t afford to support her. She plans on getting her back when her situation changes. When that time comes, six years later, she’s surprised to find someone has already claimed her, using Bess’ name and it happened the day after Bess left her there. Talk about heartbreak.

This story shows how the different classes viewed each other and how the poorer of those were judged so harshly. I especially loved the inner thoughts of our two female leads and how they judged each other. I found that they really only thought of themselves and not what was best for the child until they realized that it was only hurting their daughter.

This was such an ominous book, at first and talk about characters…eighteenth-century London played a big role in this book and was a character in and of itself. I could smell the rot, feel the mist and see the darkness; its dark gritty streets played their own role. I can’t say enough about this one except it deserves All. The. Stars.

I received this as a gift from the UK as The Foundling, in North America it is titled The Lost Orphan. The UK cover is so much nicer and I love it, it follows the theme of all of Halls’s books.

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