The Fiancée, a review by Sherry

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The Fiancée
Kate White

9 hours 50 minutes
Harper Audio
June 29, 20210

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I’ve been a Kate White fan since I read a Bailey Weggins book on a cross country flight.  While this is not part of the series, I was excited to see what the author would do in a stand alone book.  Summer, her life not working out how she’d like, is delighted to be going to her husband’s family country estate. His parents host the kids and their families each summer, except this year her husband’s brother is bringing his fiancee who Summer knows.

When a beloved family member dies from what is ruled natural causes, Summer is convinced there was a murder and goes out to prove it kinda like a grown up Nancy Drew.  As she unravels what has happened she is forced to deal with truths of her own.

I really like Kate’s books as they are always smartly plotted. While they appear to be simple and easy, there are always layers and layers of details to be discovered.  And no matter how straight forward things may seem, they are never as they appear at first glance.  

I was snookered more than once with red herrings and twists that I didn’t see coming. Cindy Kay narrated the audiobook and did a great job.  This was the perfect summer read, well listen, for me. I sat back and let the book lead me through the family drama.

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