The Family Ship, a review by Di

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Sonja Yoerg

Lake Union Publishing
February 23, 2021
412 pages

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This was a very different read. It is a family saga, but, unlike any I have read before.

The family consists of Mom and Dad and 9 children. The family purchased a house that happened to have a big boat embedded into the yard. This boat plays a major part in the development of the story and the children.

Mom loves her children….she is affectionate, caring and supportive. Dad is a former Navy man. While I’m sure he loves his children, he shows it in a much different way. His manner is unyielding, stern and gruff. He runs a tight ship, literally. He loves his wife deeply.

Dad uses the oyster boat embedded into the yard as a tool, to teach the children about life. It is used to teach discipline, cooperation, rules and regulations. Each child is assigned a rank and a duty. It has become a way of life for them.

While reading the book we live along with the Vergennes family. The chapters are written from the points of view of the different family members…..a great way to get an all-around picture.

Good things and bad things happen in the family. They went through some terrible times toward the end of the book. The terrible times only made them stronger and more appreciative of each other. The reader experiences these things along with the family members. This is a comfortable book, the kind that you can lose yourself in. It’s not fast-paced. It’s definitely character-driven. Characters that wormed their way into my heart ….I will miss them. It’s a great writer that can bring these emotions out in me.

And, I love warm and fuzzy happy endings.

I received this as an Advance Reader’s Copy from NetGalley and the publisher. Thank you, with apologies for the late review.

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