The Family Secret, a review by Kristin

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The Family Secret
By: Mikayla Davids

Publication Date: September 1, 2023
Published By: Mikayla Davids
250 Pages

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It was meant to be the perfect escape, a gorgeous winter vacation for sisters Sasha, Erin and Leah Bailey in the snowy French alps and a chance to put their complicated pasts behind them.

But when the body of someone close to them is found in an abandoned chalet nearby to their own luxurious accommodation it becomes clear this is going to be a family vacation to remember for all the wrong reasons.

All three sisters are hiding their own dangerous secrets…

Sasha is a woman on the edge.

Erin has the most to lose.

Leah isn’t as innocent as she looks.

Which woman is prepared to destroy their family to stop the shocking truth from surfacing? Which one of them would kill to protect their lies? And who will end up dead?


The Bailey sisters are back at it in this second installment! This one is more twisty and just as messed up as the first one! Everyone seems to be hiding something. Davids skillfully weaves everyone’s secrets together to paint one giant picture. But it won’t be easy trying to figure out what those secrets are and how they will play out.

Told in multiple points of view, this is a captivating and thrilling read. There were multiple twists that I didn’t see coming. As much as I usually hate cliffhangers for endings, this one sort of has one. I don’t mind it because it made my mind wonder what deviousness Davids is going to cook up for the next installment of the Bailey Sisters.

This is the perfect thriller for anyone that wants to read a book that gets straight to the point and is a quick and easy read.


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