The Family Game, a review by Kristin

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The Family Game
By: Catherine Steadman

Publication Date: October18, 2020
Published By: Ballantine Books
336 pages

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Harry, short for Harriet, and Edward are in love and newly engaged. But Harry has never met any of Edward’s family. He kept saying they would scare her away. Edward is a Holbeck, a wealthy prominent family with a lot of power. This leaves Harriet intrigued, and even more so when she is welcomed with open arms by the family. At her first meeting with Edward’s father, Robert, she is slipped a cassette tape that reveals a shocking confession. This is when the game begins, and Harriet is on a mission to find out what exactly the family secrets are and what is the truth.

This was a good book. It kept my attention and there was mystery. However, I found that it was a little slow at times, and not very suspenseful. I did enjoy the use of the confession tape provided to Harriet giving insight into the family secret, and the fact that the tape was a mystery as well. I was just hoping for more gut wrenching, suspenseful, thriller moments. There were a few at the end of the book, but I wish there was more throughout the book. I never did guess what the reason was for Robert giving Harriet those tapes, the twist that came at the end, or how the book was going to end. That I really did enjoy. Overall, a very decent read.


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