The Faerie Throne, a review by Kristie

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The Faerie Throne

Belle Manuel
363 pages
Releases November 9th, 2023



I cannot begin to say how excited I am for this book to come into the world. I absolutely love Shyal, and the entire world Belle has created here. Liserli is desperate to enter the faerie city of Shyal, to learn and experience everything she possibly can. Of course, she finds her way being punished for entering too soon, and will now be serving the crown for two years.

Ledger is angry and has been keeping secrets from Liserli and Drystan. His presence in Shyal is far from what Liserli expected it to be, and she’s not sure how to get him out of his mess. They both become involved with the crown when he does something stupid and Liserli has to pair with Prince Cadoc, an unlikely ally. As she works with him, he changes in ways she isn’t quite sure she’s seeing.

Becoming friends with Amias and Bard was unexpected, but a welcome result for Liserli….now if she could just figure out Cadoc. He keeps going from being aloof and teasing, to serious and sincere, and Liserli can’t figure out which us the real Cadoc….or which one she wants him to be.

There is zero spice in this book, but the tension and banter was so amazing I didn’t even care. The draw between Liserli and Cadoc was exquisite, and his slow descent into realization was a beautiful thing to see unfold before us. I cannot wait to see where Belle takes us next.


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