The Drowning Kind, a review by Sherry

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The Drowning Kind
Jennifer McMahon

11 hours 49 minutes
Simon Schuster Audio
336 pages
Gallery/Scout Press
Published April 6, 2021

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The story unfolds in the 1920s and currently, surrounding the pull of a spring with supposed healing powers.  In the present, Jackie ignores calls from her sister only to find she drowned in the pool she inherited from her Grandmother.  Jackie is forced to face her feelings of resentment towards her sister and their past.  In the past storyline, you learn the history of the spring and what it has helped and taken from those who dared to summon its healing powers.

With dual storylines, there are so many ways they can be polarizing and while there isn’t a strong connection between the two, other than the spring, I don’t favor one of the two.

The story is haunting and atmospheric.  I felt the pull of the pool and was drawn into whether the spring really did have healing powers.  The supernatural is usually on the very edge of my beliefs, but the author does a good job of hovering over whether or not there are supernatural forces at work.

And while the blurb mentions thrills, this book really isn’t a thriller.  It is more of a slow build of the story.  

I listened to the audiobook and seem to be in the minority of liking the narrators. I thought they did a great job setting the mood and I had no trouble telling them apart. But I will add there were moments, especially the end, when being able to flip back through the book would have been a plus.

If you’re looking for an atmospheric, slow building, haunting story, then this is the book for you.






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