The Devil and Mrs. Davenport, by Susan

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Paulette Kennedy

Lake Union Publishing
Published Mar. 5, 2024
347 Pages

Genres:  Historical fiction, paranormal, horror

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I never knew until recently that I could like horror/paranormal literature–until now, when it is mixed with historical fiction into a compulsively readable book that had me screaming near the end, “No, no no!” When I picked it up, I got the historical fiction part and I am fascinated with the 1950’s. In this novel, Mrs. Davenport, the protagonist, is married to a bible thumping man who turns out to be more than the “traditional” 1950’s husband. He is controlling and abusive, not to mention hypocritical.

Meanwhile, his suffering wife has “powers” considered evil in the husband’s religious circles, the ability to foretell the future and telekinesis.  Her husband, for many reasons, does everything within his power to prevent his wife from exercising those powers because doing so would unravel his life. The wife, with the assistance of a psychologist and a couple of other woman, help her escape this situation. This is all I will say since I do not want to give too much away.

This was a fascinating look into the mores of America’s 1950s as well into the world of those with (or who believe) in supernatural powers. The characters were compelling and either likeable or hateable, but either way, the author vividly conveys them to her audience.  Thankfully, this author’s other work is on Kindle Unlimited because you best believe that I will be reading them as well as her new book in 2025, which I cannot wait for.

Thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for giving me the privilege of reading this wonderful novel.

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