The Deja Glitch, a review by Kristin

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The Deja Glitch
By: Holly James

Publication Date: August 1, 2023
Published By: Dutton
336 pages

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Gemma Peters is doing great just going about her life. She is a radio producer and has her best friend, Lila. Her last relationship ended horribly when she realized that he used her to get a record deal and hasn’t really been dating since. Gemma crashes into Jack in a coffee shop one day and she gets a funny déjà vu feeling. He’s looking at her like he knows her because he does. Gemma and Jack have lived this day over and over for months. Gemma has no idea that this has been happening and each time the day is repeated, she is meeting Jack for the first time again. Jack, however, knows the day has been repeating and each time learns something new about Gemma. Jack has a theory that the loop can only end when Gemma falls in love with him.

James wrote a very successful novel! I haven’t read anything like this before. This is a very sweet, easy to read rom-com. I enjoyed how James made Gemma a very realistic character in that she didn’t just go along with everything that Jack said. Gemma questioned it and didn’t believe him; she needed to be convinced. I also enjoyed that the entire book happened in one day, that it wasn’t the same day we kept reading over and over. There was also more to this book than just the relationship between Jack and Gemma. James wrote beautiful relationships between Gemma and Lila, and Gemma and her brother, Patrick, as well as a troubled relationship between Gemma and her father. What it all boils down to is that James wrote a very well rounded, developed character. In my experience, this doesn’t happen too often. This is a must read for any rom-com reader!


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