The Days That Followed, a review by Jenn

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The Days That Followed: An EMP Thriller and Dystopian Novel
Hailey Gosack

February 8, 2021
305 Pages

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Genre: Action & Adventure, Science Fiction – Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic, Thrillers – Suspense, Dystopian

In the heartbeat of a cataclysmic event, a technological blackout thrusts society into chaos, turning neighbors into adversaries and families into warriors for survival. Dive into a gripping apocalyptic tale where the destinies of four unique characters intertwine against a backdrop of uncertainty and danger.

For fans of T.L. Payne and William Forstchen, this electrifying EMP thriller unfolds on August 25 at 3:11 p.m., when the detonation of two nuclear bombs unleashes a pulse that cripples 95% of the nation’s electronics. Cell phones, vehicles, and modern technology crumble, plunging the country into anarchy. As resources vanish, a war for survival ensues, with rampant looting and violence erasing law and order.

Meet Carrie, a resilient professional stranded in Salt Lake City, her dreams shattered by the EMP. Bodin, the angry teenager, is forced to confront family ties amidst the escalating fight for resources. Sarah, an ICU nurse with a harrowing diagnosis, battles to save lives while grappling with her own survival. Retired Rancher Sam, armed with foresight, faces an impossible task in the small town of Stanley, ID.

As the characters navigate a world in turmoil, the unfolding question lingers—will help arrive, or is a more sinister force manipulating the fate of the United States? Immerse yourself in a riveting narrative of resilience, family bonds, and the pursuit of hope in the face of unprecedented challenges.

My Review: 

It has been a while since I read a dystopian novel, mostly avoiding those since we lived through the pandemic ourselves. However I was looking forward to jumping back in and immediately my curiosity was piqued as The Days That Followed started off strong. Through out the novel there were some threads that kept me reading to find out what was going to happen, like, what was in that box and why weren’t they opening it ASAP?

When it comes to the plot and timeline of events, I enjoyed the separate point of views per chapters as I think that is an interesting way to move things along however the jumps two weeks ahead of time didn’t really work for the story since we would get a month or two into the future of this new world and I think that given the circumstances there would be a lot more mayhem and chaos than we witnessed. I also didn’t realize that this was the first of two books (Days of Reckoning) and I would recommend you commit to reading both before starting this one. I wondered for quite sometime when the characters were going to meet and interact as I thought it was a stand alone novel.

I didn’t think too much about who was involved as I was more curious about how they would survive but the reasoning was pretty wild and thought-provoking.

Overall an interesting read if you’re looking for an EMP Thriller, dystopian story.

A big thank you to the author for providing a review copy to The Book Review Crew for honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

About the author, Hailey Gosack

Hailey was born and raised in Salmon, ID. She now lives in Park City, UT, with her husband, two young daughters, and two dogs. The Days That Followed is her debut publication and is book one in a three-part series. She’s also passionate about educating herself on health-related topics and advocates for healthcare reform. When not writing, reading, or researching, she can be found in nature or having princess tea parties at home.








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