The Daughter’s Choice, a review by Di

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S.D. Robertson

Avon Books UK
September 30, 2021
400 pages

This is a hard book to review. Not because I didn’t like it (I did!) but it’s difficult to say much about the book without giving away too much of the story.

Rose is getting married but she is going on a spa weekend with her best girlfriend the weekend before. The girlfriend gets called away on a family matter but insists that Rose stays and enjoys the planned weekend. Rose is quickly befriended by an older lady who insists on exchanging life stories. Rose has been brought up by her father, her mother had passed away at an early age. Rose and her father were very close.

And so, we’re off. It’s easy to figure out where this plot is going early in the book. But, that does not detract from making this an interesting tale. By the telling of their life stories, we learn who Rose is and who her newfound friend, Cassie, is.

Even though I was pretty sure that I knew what was going on, I kept second-guessing myself. I think the author did a good job of instilling that doubt in the reader. I don’t believe for a minute that I was extremely clever to figure out what was going to happen. I think it was all part of a plan.

Both Cassie’s and Rose’s backstories are interesting. They are very strong characters. I couldn’t make up my mind if I like Dave (Rose’s father) or not. He is a wonderful father to Rose but his whole life revolves around her.

The format is quite different from any book I have read. One unusual thing is that 95 percent of it takes place in one day. It is divided into Rose’s story, Cassie’s story, Dave’s story and the Truth. So, the narrator keeps changing. When I first saw the divisions listed in the index I thought it might cause it to be disjointed. But, it all works well.

The element of a quasi-mystery works well for me. But as I was nearing the point of reveal, I was reading faster and faster. The crucial element that every good story needs was there. SECRETS! Then, there was one more twist that I was not expecting, definitely a surprise.

I have always enjoyed a book where the ending is full of hope. And, there is hope at the end of this book.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an Advance Readers Copy of this book.

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  1. Diana Peach

    Sounds like an interesting read and I love secrets and surprises, especially the ones I don’t see coming. And interesting povs, including the truth. Did I get that right? That’s certainly unusual. Thanks for sharing your review and recommendation, Jenn. 🙂