The Damage, a review by Cat

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The Damage
Caitlin Wahrer

Published June 15, 2021
By Pamela Dorman Books
400 Pages

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Caitlin Wahrer’s debut novel, The Damage, cuts to the quick, blending drama, human nature, grief, and thriller elements into one. This novel takes a familiar subject within the world of thrillers and forces readers to look at it through a new lens.

One small family’s world is about to be permanently altered after one horrible night. The nightmare continues to live on as they learn to cope with the trauma while fighting for justice and peace.

All Nick wants is to find a way to make peace with what happened. Meanwhile, his brother, Tony, is desperate to find a way to make things right. That’s what he does – he’s a fixer. And that is precisely why his wife, Julia, has a particular concern for what is to come.

The Damage is certainly a title that earned its name! This novel looks at the many layers of grief – how one entire family can suffer from the events that happened to a single member. It was heartbreaking and so human all at once.

That alone would have been enough to make me appreciate this novel. Throw in Caitlin Wahrer’s writing style (detailed, emotive, and compelling) and the many twists and surprises, and it’s really no wonder I found myself enjoy this book immensely. I’m adding Wahrer to my list of must-read thriller authors.

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