The Connellys of County Down, a review by Di

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Tracey Lange

Celedon Books
August 1, 2023
288 pages | Amazon | Goodreads

Tara spent 18 months in jail, taking the blame for someone else. She is released to her somewhat dysfunctional family.

The story centres around Tara’s family, the arresting police officer and Tara’s new job. It is character-driven, with all interesting characters and well-developed.

As in life, a lot of independent incidents and people become interconnected, even though there seems to be no obvious connection at the outset. While on the surface, Tara’s family all love each other but each has a major issue. The issues range from traumatic brain injury to hoarding and unintentional embezzlement. This sounds like a lot, but it all works.

Tara’s family (brother, sister and nephew) have challenges, sometimes these challenges are secret. The secrets have the ability to tear the family apart. Tara is behind the 8 ball throughout the book.

The story moves along quickly, the plot is well thought out and everything falls into place. But, first, it gets very convoluted. Some may claim that it is too unrealistic. Perhaps it is, but it is very interesting and entertaining. That’s what I look for in a book.

Great ending, perhaps a little too convenient. But it made me happy.

I enjoyed the author’s first family book We Are the Brennans. I enjoyed the brief cameo appearance of the Brennan pub in this book.

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