The Colorwork Bible, a review by Sherry

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The Colorwork Bible
Jesie Ostermiller

160 pages
Published October 6, 2020 by Penguin Group PPG

I’ve been an avid knitter for 20 years now and I find it so cathartic.  I love learning new techniques and there is always something to learn.  I read a sample of The Colorwork Bible and was impressed.

Nothing brings the right mood to your knitting like color. 


A handmade item in your favorite color lifts your mood and in a different color might be forgettable. I am an accountant in the real world, so knitting is my escapism and I must admit I love color!


Chapter one is all about color: choosing color, picking multiple colors that work together… It is a primer in color theory to give you the basics on the why and how of colors in your knitting.  This is a study type chapter with no yarn use.


The other chapter in the sampler discusses stripes and as a seasoned knitter I can say there is quite a bit of detail on techniques and tips to help make your stripes look great.  Also included with the chapter is directions to make a swatch that incorporates the lessons.


From the chapters I’ve read this is great reference tool on color and what you need to end up with a great finished project.


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