The Collective, a review by Amy

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😱😱😱 ½
The Collective
Alison Gaylin
William Morrow
352 pages

A crazy, twisted, WILD ride! As I finished this book, all I could think was, “WHAT did I just read?”

Camille Gardner is obsessed with vengeance. Her daughter is dead, and the man that’s responsible is not just living a full, free life. He’s also being bestowed a humanitarian award. Just as Camille’s anger threatens to upend her, a stranger approaches, giving her an option she never knew existed.

This isn’t your typical tale of revenge. This is a group of grieving mothers taking justice into their own hands. There’s that old adage about a woman scorned. But that is nothing compared to mothers set on retribution.

This book made for a great discussion with my book club. So many grey areas and morally ambiguous ideas. Just where does that line between justice and revenge fall?

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