The Collected Regrets of Clover, a review by Di

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Mikki Brammer

St Martin’s Press
May 9, 2023
320 pages | Amazon

Plain and simple, this book is about a Death Doula. Clover is a Death Doula who helps people in the last moments of their life.

I have no idea what compelled me to choose a book on this subject. It’s not a depressing story. In fact, it is actually full of hope. I love the fact that Death Doulas exist to help dying people achieve a level of peace

Clover is a very unusual character. She is an introvert. She is approaching middle age but has never had an intimate relationship. Just because it has never happened. It is hard to figure her out.

I find it difficult to relate to Clover. Without going into a lot of detail, Clover lost both parents in an accident when she was six. Her parents were never present for her. But, she lived with her grandfather, who was a good person in her life. Her main interest in life is death. She watched her kindergarten teacher die and was the only child in the class that did not panic. But it started her fascination.

This book is not fast paced. It is definitely character driven. While I did find some of Clover’s musings insightful and I loved that she tried to learn something from each client’s death, I just could not identify with her. I didn’t dislike her. I just didn’t feel any affinity for her. And because of this, I can’t drum up any excitement for the book.

I’ve always maintained that not every book is for everybody. This was not the book for me.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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