The Christmas Sisters, a review by Tanya

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The Christmas Sisters
By Sarah Morgan
Narrator Laurel Lefkow and Mandy Weston

13 Hours
Published Nov 2018 by Harlequin Audio

As a teen I read A LOT of Harlequin romances! They were always filled with lots of drama and steamy scenes, which of course is what you want out of a Harlequin book. As an adult reader, I don’t think I’ve picked up a Harlequin published book in a really long time. I think I’ve been missing out on some really great stories as they seemed to have changed quite a bit.

The Christmas Sisters is a wonderful story of family. Suzanne is a mountain climber and is the only survivor of an avalanche that killed all the members of her climbing party, including her best friend and the best friend’s husband, leaving their 3 daughters orphaned. Suzanne and her husband decide to adopt the 3 sisters and move from Washington State to the Scottish Highlands to raise their new family.

The story begins 25 years later with the sisters plans to come back to the Highlands for a family Christmas. There is some family drama, misunderstandings, heartache, sibling rivalry, personal growth and romance in this beautiful family Christmas story.
The characters were enjoyable and well-written. Christmas was definitely a theme but it was more in the background while the relationships between the family members were the main focus.

I would highly recommend this Christmas family story.


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