The Christie Affair, a review by Jana

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The Christie Affair

Nina de Gramont

pub date: February 1, 2022


The facts: in December 1926, author Agatha Christie went missing. She was found over a week later at a hotel, where she signed in with her husband’s mistresses’ name.

The novel: Nan O’Dea has become Archie Christie’s mistress, but Archie plans to leave his wife, Agatha, and marry Nan. Agatha disappears after being told of these plans. But Nan uncovers the secret, and neither woman will tell what transpired during those 11 days.

When The Christie Affair first popped up on Netgalley, I was so intrigued! I had never heard that Agatha Christie disappeared for nine days and never told anyone where she went. But once I’d heard…I needed an answer, however fictional!

The story is told from the perspective of Nan O’Dea, who happens to be having an affair with Agatha Christie’s husband. The story unfolds in a dreamy timeline, starting before The Disappearance and mostly moving towards Agatha’s reappearance. There are a few detours along the way, including Nan’s backstory.

Something I loved about this book was Nan and Agatha’s relationship. While they were rivals, there was none of the nasty language and villanizing you see with most stories that have women set up as romantic rivals. They were both fully dimensional characters, and viewed each other as such.

Read this book if you like:
✨ mystery
✨ historical fiction
✨ love stories
✨the book “Before We Were Yours” – similar vibe, different aesthetic.



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