The Charmed Friends of Trove Isle, a review by Shelley

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Annie Rains

Kensington Books
May 21st, 2024
336 Pages
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This is my third read by Annie Rains Through the Snow Globe was a four star stunner and The Finders Keepers Library has its place in the world. The Charmed Friends of Trove Isle was a great book about female friendship with a touch of magical realism thrown in and that’s where Annie Rains shines. I loved the North Carolina setting as I have spent a lot of time in the state and it brought back memories of my time there.

This is a tale of loss as there are two deaths but it is also about forgiveness and second chances. These women are far from perfect, one runs away from her problems, one is a recovering addict and ex-con and the last has a pretty bad panic/anxiety disorder. After nine years they finally get their acts together and decide to lean on and help each other. I mean isn’t that what friends are for? I am glad these friends were reunited and that Aunt Jo got her wish and let her magic do its job. There is a touch of romance for a couple of the women but it isn’t front and center, they all want to work on themselves, their family ties and their friendship and I was so happy that was the main focus of the book.

Aunt Jo’s shop, Hidden Treasures, sounds like a dream to me, I love thrifting and checking out vintage items, especially those from my childhood. I really liked the idea of the charm bracelet in this story, I have one myself and I love it because each charm represents a time in my life or a part of my personality. I knew exactly how these ladies felt about their special piece of jewelry and I think that is part of the reason I enjoyed this one so much.

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