The Cache, a review by Kristie

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The Cache
Lauren Anne Davis

318 pages
July 4, 2023

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A young widow loves her departed family and all the treasures they left her. She must do the unthinkable when a vicious burglary leaves her aghast at losing her heirlooms. Rushing headlong into a mission with a half-baked plan to recover her belongings, her world collides with a family of pawnshop owners who also wield guns. Falling in love is the last thing on her mind. While pursuing the truth about a love child, a rancher must juggle his business, a home remodel, his mother’s recovery, and manage his budding livestock venture. Questions abound when marauders target the rancher’s family, and a risky new hire turns into a gut-wrenching experience forcing him to solve another mystery but of a dangerous nature.

My Review:

This was an incredibly woven story of family and loss. In the small town of Hallsville, King and Megan’s lives are drawn out next to that of Gayla, another character from another time. Everything is intricately set up to fit just right into the history of this little town, and it was a stunning portrait of the way we see family and history from the side we’re given. Such a great read!


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