The Burning Girls- a Review by Allison

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I am late to the game on this one, folks.

What a ride!

This is the third in the Detective Elle Reeves series by Rita Herron and I can honestly say that when the time allows (haha!) I will be going back to read books one and two.  This author reminds me a bit of Karin Slaughter (and if any of you know me, you all KNOW I love Karin Slaughter) in that she can break apart a story, simultaneously tell her readers the different parts, all the while putting it back together to be whole again by the end.  THAT is an amazing feat. And the sign of a really good book.

This story focuses on Elle Reeves, a detective in the small town of Crooked Creek, who is back again, fighting crime with the beautiful Appalachians as her backdrop. As she is wrestling with her own personal demons (and really, who isn’t?), two young local women turn up dead, burned and placed in the middle of stone circles. Sacrifices? Serial Killer on the loose?  Read it and find out!

The author does a great job of getting her new readers up to speed and familiar with the characters/storylines and just enough to entice them to read the series from the beginning. Do I want to know what’s up with Elle’s birth story?  Sure do!  Wondering what will happen with her and a specific man friend? You betcha.

While is the primary story focuses on these two murders -essentially back to back and eerily familiar- there are several smaller stories orbiting, each with their own characters and histories.  Herron has a really good way of blending these secondary stories into the main.  As the book progresses, we find out pieces of each story that will answers a lot of the reader’s questions.

As my reviews never reveal spoilers, I will say that there were MANY twists and turns which I enjoyed very much.  I must be in the mood for a thriller – I am pretty tough when it comes to reviewing them, as sometimes the stories are over the top unbelievable.  This one did not disappoint.

Murders, adoption and stone circles, oh my!

(I know. THIS is why I’m going back to read the first two!)

A solid 5 star read for fans of Karin Slaughter and Faye Kellerman.




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