The Book of Lost Things (The Book of Lost Things #1), a review by Shelley

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John Connolly

Atria Books
Publication Date: November 7th, 2006
352 Pages
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My reading resolution this year was to read more books out of my comfort zone so when I saw an ARC for The Land of Lost Things (The Book of Lost Things #2) I decided to request it. When my request was approved I immediately downloaded book one and here we are with a four-star review!

This book was such a joy and reminded me why I fell in love with reading as a kid. It started out feeling like a children’s book with almost every chapter having a moral at the end but the more I read the more I realized this isn’t for the faint of heart or the very young. The writing is very simplistic but poetic at the same time. Sometimes it felt like I was reading a book from the Victorian era and there are a lot of fairytale retellings in these pages. The tales are much closer to the originals in a very dark way. Connolly manages to keep them fresh and make them his own. Every chapter felt like I was reading a new story and the author seamlessly wove them together to make one cohesive plotline.

I loved David as a main character, he had many flaws like losing his temper and being jealous of his little brother but that is normal for a twelve-year-old and I cheered him on during his adventure. I hurt when he was hurt and was happy when he was able to save the day and be the hero. I saw myself in David at times and the imagination that the author must have is awe-inspiring. I loved how the theme of the importance of books and reading shines through the magic and how good always wins over evil. This will delight the older child in all of us and remember…be careful what you wish for.

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