The Blue Zones American Kitchen, a review by Sherry

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The Blue Zones American Kitchen
100 recipes to live to 100
Dan Buettner

304 pages
National Geographic
Published December 6, 2022

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I am always looking to make my life a little healthier and it seems eating is a big part of it.  This is a little more than a cookbook, although it does have a ton of recipes.  It also explains the zones, their traditional foods and what makes the difference between their food and at times our americanizing of the dish.
There are beautiful pictures of not only the food but the people behind the food.  I loved reading their stories and dream about making all of the recipes.  I cannot attest that you will live to 100, but the recipes I have tried were very tasty.  From Native American to Asian, Latin to African American, the flavors and spices are so full of flavor.

About the book:

Best-selling Blue Zones Kitchen author Dan Buettner spent years uncovering the Blue Zones–the five places around the world where people consistently live to or past, 100–and sharing lifestyle tips and recipes gleaned from these places. Now, creating your own Blue Zone at home is easier than ever, thanks to plant-forward recipes in this inspiring book–all developed right in our own backyard.

In Blue Zones American Kitchen, Buettner uncovers the traditional roots of plant-forward cuisine in the United States. Following the acumen of heritage cooks who have passed their recipes from generation to generation, Buettner uncovers the regions and cultures that have shaped America’s healthiest food landscapes, from Hmong elders living in Minnesota to Quakers in New England. Along the way, he illuminates both traditional and revolutionary ideas in vegetarian food with recipes from chefs like executive chef James Wayman, “the Gullah chef” Bill Green, and “the Cod Chef” Dave Smoke-McCluskey.

With wisdom from more than 50 food experts, chefs, and cooks around the country, Buettner’s road trip across America sheds light on some of its most under-recognized plant-forward communities as Buettner shares the ingredients, recipes, and lifestyle tips that will make living to 100 both delicious and easy. And the proof is in the pudding: 49 Blue Zones Project Cities have demonstrated that eating the Blue Zones way can alleviate obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Filled with 100 tasty recipes, from Pennsylvania Dutch apple dumplings to Southern Hoppin’ John, Blue Zones American Kitchen will change your diet–and your life.

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