The Awakening, a review by Cat

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The Awakening
Nora Roberts

Published November 24th, 2020
By St. Martin’s Press
448 Pages

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The Awakening is the first novel in a brand new series by Nora Roberts, known as The Dragon Heart Legacy. With a series title like that, you just know we’re about to dive into an epic adventure (one that will surely have dragons and other magical creatures galore!).

Breen Kelly spent all her life being told she was average at best – only to find out that her whole life has been a lie. Breen is far from average. A fact that she’s about to learn the hard way, as she delves into her father’s history. Now her history as well.

A legacy of protecting Talamh, the land of his people. Now her people. Breen is going to have to make a decision, stay in her quiet life, or forge a new path for herself. One that may call for great sacrifice, but where she might finally be free.

The Awakening is a detailed and fascinating read. Over the course of four hundred plus pages, Breen’s story comes to life. The level of detail does result in a slower pace, while adding layers upon layers to a world and the characters within.

There are several little details and inclusions that surprised me in this read. One of which had to be the BFF level of friendship portrayed. It was so wholesome, and a very strong offset to the magical and more dangerous themes that Breen delved into.

Overall, I would have to say that The Awakening was a captivating read. This being my first Nora Roberts read, I can’t compare it to the rest of her works, but I will say that I’m enjoying her foray into urban fantasy.

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