The Atlas Six, a review by Cat

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The Atlas Six
Olivie Blake

Published January 31, 2022
Indie first, then Tor Publishing
383 Pages.

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So while I am not on BookTok, I have picked up on all of the hype surrounding The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake. Naturally, it made me curious to see if it would live up to all that hype. When Tor Books picked it up, I knew that something was going on with this book and added it to my TBR. And so here we are!

Have you ever been both excited and nervous to start a book that has incredible hype? On the one hand, I wanted to read The Atlas Six, as it sounded amazing. On the other, I was so afraid that the hype would build me up for a fall, and thus I was almost dreaded picking it up.
As it turns out, I needn’t have worried. I ended up adoring The Atlas Six and every little detail the author was willing to send my way. Though I am curious to know if it changed at all after being purchased and edited by Tor – can anyone enlighten me?
To me, The Atlas Six had very strong vibes similar to The Gilded Wolves. In this case, a group of unlikely allies (sort of, in this case) worked together, using their abilities to fill in a different piece of the puzzle. Sound familiar? It also had A Deadly Education vibes, though with a twist. The Atlas SixΒ aren’t students, though they deal with magical knowledge and its study.

Long story short: I put off reading The Atlas Six for a bit because I dreaded the thought of it disappointing me. When I finally sat down to read it, I fell in love. Ultimately, I read this nearly five hundred-page book in one night because I got that hooked. Now I’m just sitting here waiting for the sequel (The Atlas Paradox).

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