The Anti-Bachelorette, a review by Jenn

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The Anti-Bachelorette
T.L. Quinn

192 Pages
March 6, 2021

Amazon | Goodreads

In the Anti-Bachelorette we find Emory lusting after her dad’s friend, but knowing that she should she tries to push those feelings aside… as she resists she swears she finds this guy arrogant and annoying but quickly these enemies turn to lovers as the story heats up to a forbidden romance situation. This is a new to me author and a genre I’m only just dipping my toe in. I enjoyed the story and liked all of the characters, I would have liked more with Emory and her friends but I think that’s the rom com lover in me, Anti-Bachelorette is focused on Emory and her lover.

I thought the story moved along well and the steamy parts were quite interesting… I did wonder what was up with Emory’s best friend Angela lusting after Emory’s dad but after checking out T.L Quinn on Goodreads I see a sequel called Daddy Vibes where Angela explores things with him and it made sense that this was a set up for the sequel. If you’re into a steamy story featuring hunky older guys you should check this one out!


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