The Angel in my Well, a review by Shelley

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Kevin Ansbro

2QT Limited (Publishing)
Publication Date April 1st, 2015
91 pages
Goodreads | Amazon

Having read both Kinnara and In the Shadow of Time by this author I am convinced he is the king of magical realism. This one is about finding love, fate, and faith. Mr. Ansbro seems to always strike the right balance between fantasy and reality and this book is no exception.

Whenever I read one of Kevin Ansbro’s stories it is always the characters that strike me the most. I loved Joe’s gran so much. She reminds me of my mother who also saves ketchup packets from take-out restaurants. And the fact she mentioned watching him rumpy bumpy or having a poo had me falling off the chair laughing.

I enjoyed reading both Joe’s and Imran’s storylines, Imran’s is much more serious than Joe’s but in the end, the stories come together in a surprising way. The author writes from the heart and I wasn’t surprised at all to find he was inspired by his own mum and grandmother, I bet they’re really proud. All. The. Stars.

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