That Others May Live, a review by Sherry

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That Others May Live
Sara Driscoll

331 pages
Kensington Books
November 28, 2023

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Wow this was an intense book. Part showcasing the process of how a search and rescue of a collapsed building works, including how it affects the various members of the team, and part trying to figure out how and why it happened.

While I loved Meg and Hawk, her K9 partner, and how they worked, I also loved the broad story about the team working the collapse. Their closeness and how it affected their personal lives. Of course Hawk is my favorite character, but they are all well developed and likable.

It made me think of 9/11 and all those that selflessly ran towards the buildings. It was an emotional and tension filled read as the team searches for survivors then switches into recovery mode.

I was impressed with the amount of research to understand the process of a collapse and how that translated to having me on the edge of my seat while reading.

Since this is my first read of the series, I definitely need to go back and catch up.

About the book

There are situations that fill even the most seasoned FBI K-9 handlers with shock and horror. Meg Jennings is preparing for another work day when she gets words of a catastrophic scene in downtown Washington, D.C. Part of a twelve-story condo building has collapsed, and the rest of the structure could soon follow. Every search-and-rescue worker and K-9 team is needed on-site immediately to find survivors—and assess the casualties.

Putting aside her fears for her firefighter fiancé, who’s already inside the unstable building, Meg turns to the task at hand. If anyone is still alive within the rubble, she and Hawk, working alongside other K-9 teams, must find them. Every hour, every moment counts—and a wrong move could trigger a deadly chain reaction for those buried beneath. But beyond the present danger is a deeper threat, as evidence indicates that this wasn’t a random tragedy, but an act of domestic terrorism. And identifying the culprit and motivation, in time to stop another attack, means taking on an enemy with terrifying skills—and nothing left to lose.


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