Teaser Tuesday: The Wolves of Adalore

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Wolves of Adalore (Mark of the Hunter Book 1)
by Morgan Gauthier

First Page, First Sentence:

The Gate of Tayborne was underutilized and forgotten by most Northerners. She knew it would not be difficult to infiltrate, even on her own. Her green eyes glistened in the moonlight as she scaled the forty-foot-tall white stone wall.

Teaser: 77%

The Enchantress could tell how much the mortals meant to him. He has advised many of them throughout his thousand years walking Adalore and buried even more of them. But this mortal seemed to mean more to him than all those before her.


Niabi killed for it once and is prepared to kill again.

Crispin wants it and is determined to have his revenge.

Salome wants nothing to do with it, but has to fight for it.

After years of people insisting she must be cursed due to her discolored left eye, Salome starts to believe they might be right. But when Harbona the Seer unexpectedly visits her, he reveals not only has the Year of the Hunter begun, but Salome’s distorted eye is in actuality the Mark of the Hunter, and she is charged to avenge the blood of the innocent.

With the Immortal Seer, their axe-wielding guardian, and a dangerous bounty hunter known as the Wanderer in their company, Salome and her brother, Crispin, embark on a journey to defeat their sister and reclaim the White Throne.

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Well what do you think? Would you keep reading? 

Thank you to The Purple Booker and Socrates Book Reviews for hosting these Tuesday Teasers!

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  1. Diane

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. I haven’t heard of the one you spotlighted but I hope you enjoy it. I don’t think it is for me unfortunately.

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