Sweet & Bitter Magic, a review by Cat

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Sweet & Bitter Magic
Adrienne Tooley

Published March 9, 2021
By Margaret K. McElderry Books
368 Pages

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March’s OwlCrate pick was Sweet & Bitter Magic, and I was over the moon with this selection! Adrienne Tooley’s debut novel is a magical and fantastical read, one that is full of intrigue, emotion, and representation.
There was a time when every witch had high hopes for Tamsin. She was the most powerful one born of her generation, and magic seemed to come intuitively for her. However, all those hopes crumbled when Tamsin was cursed and exiled. Now she must live a life without love.

Wren, on the other hand, is very much not a witch. No, she’s a source, which means that she is magic herself; she merely lacks the ability to use it. This gift of her is one she has hidden her whole life, fearing how her parents would react. That is until something changes and forces her to accept her magical side to save her father. And the rest of the world.

Words cannot express how much I loved Sweet & Bitter Magic. A title which proved to be delightfully accurate, if I may say so. Tamsin and Wren’s story is full of beauty and pain in equal measures.Β The world that Tooley created here is absolutely fascinating, and I sincerely hope that she will revisit it in future books. I feel like there’s still so much left to explore in those woods. Then there’s the character development, which is divine.

Tooley’s writing borders on poetic at times, and it really helped to enhance the whole story. It became larger than life in my mind while creating these beautiful parallels between Tamsin and Wren. It made for quite the adventure, one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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