Surrender the Dead, a review by Sherry

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Surrender the Dead
John Burley

Psychological thriller
416 pages

William Morrow Paperbacks
January 12, 2021

Can you go home again? Erin returns home when her father falls ill. After a series of missing persons, including her mother, she left Montana 15 years ago and hasn’t been back. Those missing person cases were never solved.

What is billed as a psychological thriller is really so much more. It’s a mystery along with a story of grief. What starts out very slow jumping from timeline to timeline and pov to pov, turns into well developed characters and an ending you’ll never see coming.

I had a little trouble following things in the beginning, but am glad I stuck with it. And I could sympathize with the kids as they weren’t allowed to go anywhere for fear of being the next missing person. It eerily feels a little like today.

I read a lot of mystery/suspense/thrillers and like when there is something a little different. This book falls outside the normal mold. You root for Erin as she exorcises her demons and keep reading to unravel the mystery of what happened to all those missing people.

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