Suburban Dicks, a review by Tanya

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Suburban Dicks
Fabian Nicieza
Narrator Natalie Nicieza

11 hours
Published June 21, 2021 by Penguin Random House Audio

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About the Book:

Fabian Nicieza, the co-creator of Marvel’s Deadpool and veteran X-Men writer, just sold his first novel to Putnam Publishers. The book, Suburban Dicks, is the first of two in the deal and is slated for release in 2021.

From the co-creator of Deadpool comes a hilariously entertaining debut featuring two unlikely and unforgettable amateur sleuths. An engrossing and entertaining murder mystery full of skewering social commentary, Suburban Dicks examines the racial tensions exposed in a New Jersey suburb after the murder of a gas station attendant.

Andie Stern thought she’d solved her final homicide. Once a budding FBI profiler, she gave up her career to raise her four (soon to be five) children in West Windsor, New Jersey. But one day, between soccer games, recitals, and trips to the local pool, a very-pregnant Andie pulls into a gas station—and stumbles across a murder scene. An attendant has been killed, and the bumbling local cops are in way over their heads. Suddenly, Andie is obsessed with the case, and back on the trail of a killer, this time with kids in tow.

She soon crosses paths with disgraced local journalist Kenneth Lee, who also has everything to prove in solving the case. A string of unusual occurrences—and eventually, body parts—surface around town, and Andie and Kenneth uncover simmering racial tensions and a decades-old conspiracy. Hilarious, insightful, and a killer whodunit, Suburban Dicks is the one-of-a-kind mystery that readers will not be able to stop talking about.

My Review:

I told my teenage daughter that I was reading a book called Suburban Dicks and she looked at me like I was the biggest pervert in the world and then proceeded to scrunch up her face and say ‘Ewwww! Mom!!!’. I was laughing so hard it took me about 5 minutes to explain to her that Dicks is an old-school term for Detectives. So then after I got done laughing, I got sad because….how old am I that I know that?!?! 😊
Then I realized that I now have a new word that I know will bug the crap out of my kid. So I’m happy again!!

If you like Crime Mysteries, you should read this book. If you like sarcasm and snark, you should read this book. Basically, just read the book!

It has a great unlikely non-professional duo- a very pregnant ex-FBI Profiler and a small-town journalist with a past. Working together to try and solve a murder, they dig up a much bigger mystery that needs solving.
One of the reviews I read mentioned that there was so much sarcasm in the book that it felt forced. I don’t know, it felt like normal conversation to me. Guess that says a lot about me. Huh.
The one challenging item for me within this book are the racial slurs that are flung about by racist, bigoted characters. It’s not often but when it happens it is offensive. So be warned.
I really liked this duo, loved the conversation style of the book and the narrator was really good to. An all around 4 solid stars for me. I’m hoping that the author chooses to take these two characters on to a book 2. I would definitely be up for reading it!!

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