Stars Over Sunset Boulevard, a review by Di

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Susan Meissner

January 16, 2016

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This is the story of friendship of two women. It spans several decades but it starts in 1938, on the set of Gone with the Wind.

Audrey and Violet meet as roommates and they both work as secretaries on the movie set of Gone with the Wind. They seem to be polar opposites, with different backgrounds, different values and different goals. But they have a bond that holds them together through many events in their lives. For the readers who are familiar with GWTW, their relationship is actually similar to that of Scarlett and Melanie.

This story is great for fans of GWTW. It was interesting to be on the set, to read about the making of the epic movie, the costumes and the set. And, one particular hat made from the infamous green curtains played a great role.

Friendship, acceptance and understanding are the main themes of the story. I really enjoyed the relationship between the two women. It was very real, not all lollipops and roses, but with envy, arguments and even deception but also with love a loyalty.

I also enjoyed the end. The end of the book was the end of their era, with Al, the loose ends tied up.

I’ve enjoyed the many books I’ve read by Susan Meissner. In my mind, this wasn’t the best one but still a very good story. I love the historical aspects in her books, always well-researched.

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