Starling House, a review by Cat

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Starling House
Alix E. Harrow

Published October 3, 2023
By Tor Books
320 Pages

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Pardon me, I need to scream in excitement. Starling House is one of the books I have been waiting all of 2023 for, and boy, it was worth the wait! This book is phenomenal. And it’s a good thing I loved it…because I may have accidentally ended up with three copies of it (long story).

For those searching for a captivating and spooky read, I highly recommend exploring Starling House! I’ve admired Alix E. Harrow’s writing for some time, but the narrative within these pages truly exceeded my expectations.

Alright, maybe I’m a tad partial. I have a slight obsession with anything involving sentient houses. What I mean is I find it fascinating when a house (or building) possesses opinions. And let me tell you, Starling House has quite the personality. Combine that with two intricately developed character backgrounds, and it’s no surprise that I couldn’t help but fall in love with it.

Starling House delivered everything I sought and hoped for. It’s captivating, exudes strong dark academia vibes, and features a touch of romantic fantasy. It’s absolutely perfect.

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