Spooky Sundays: Halloween Books! Week 3

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Welcome to our weekly Spooky Sunday round up

The Black Jewels Trilogy

Anne Bishop


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These are the first three books in the series which I believe to be up to 11 now. I remember reading the first book when I was 12 and I have reread these 3 hundreds of times by now. This series has EVERYTHING; Love, loss, comedy, adventure, fantasy EVERYTHING. Witches are real and hell is more than just a sauna in this series. Anne Bishop is an artist when it comes to visual descriptions and character development, she has a way of putting you into the story with all the action. If you enjoy witches and demons and everything in between, you will definitely enjoy this series.


The Final Girl Support Group
Grady Hendrix


I thought the concept of this book was great.  A group of final girls (those that lived through a slasher massacre) that support each other through life.

Only that’s not really how this book went.  Final girls are good at taking care of themselves, not others. That’s how they became the final girl.  Ok, I can get behind that too.

But then, the final girls are now being hunted and nothing makes sense.  How would anyone put the pieces together so fast as they do in this story? How can so many things go wrong? Why would Lynnette make the decisions that she does, as many of them just don’t make any sense. Now I’ve got a Conspiracy Complex, real bad!

This story is definitely fast-paced as it states in the summary. The references to similar slasher movies playing out as the final girls backgrounds in the story was pretty fun. And some parts of the story I absolutely loved. But other parts just didn’t make sense and seemed to be a bit of a hot mess.

Oh well.  If you like action filled thriller/horror books, it’s definitely worth a read. Just don’t have high expectations going in and you will probably enjoy it.






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