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Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex

Aria & Aries
Publication Date: January 10th, 2023
450 Pages
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I liked this book, a lot. Now I admit it will not win any literary prizes, well maybe it will based on its popularity, but it shouldn’t. This isn’t a bad book by any means, hence the four-star rating. I just felt that parts were a little boring and read more like a journal than a memoir.

Harry starts his book with the death of his mother, Princess Diana. I was surprised by how emotional and intimate the book was. Her death clouds and eclipses every aspect of his life, good and bad. It broke my heart to read about it. Like his mother, he loves fiercely and believes family is first.

I have got to give the man props for putting it all out there, warts and all. He knows his issues and is trying his best to deal with them. He takes responsibility for his actions for the most part, it is a shame his father and brother can’t as it is apparent he loves them dearly. I was also surprised by how funny he was, I shouldn’t have been as he was always fooling around as a child.

The middle section of the book was uninteresting to me. It deals with Harry’s life in the military. It describes his training and his deployment to Afghanistan. While I appreciate his service to his country and his Queen I was bored to tears. (Sorry!)

I have usually sided with Meghan and Harry because of the simple fact he blames the press for the situation they found themselves in and he blames the family or the firm for not helping or supporting him and Meghan. Just look at the images below from British newspapers and tell me the press didn’t have it out for Meghan. It can’t be more evident than that. He gives clear and precise reasons why he chose to step down and I can’t blame him one bit.

It’s okay for Kate to rub her bump but heaven forbid Meghan should do it.

And let’s not forget when Kate eats avocados all is right in the world, when Meghan eats them she is contributing to human rights offences.

There isn’t much new in the book but I loved that it was from Harry’s mind, mouth and heart. If only we all had someone love us the way he loves Meghan.

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