Soulmate, a review by Di

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Sally Hepworth

St Martins Press
April 4, 2023
336 pages | Goodreads | Amazon

These days, Domestic/Psychological Suspense books are all over the place. I don’t like a steady diet of the genre but Sally Hepworth is an author whose book I will grab every time. She has the talent of being very subtle in her writing. Sometimes the reader doesn’t even realize that they are reading a suspense story until he/she is well into the story.

SOULMATE definitely falls into this category. I was a good way into the book before the first twist happens. Our lead character is Pippa, a work-from-home lawyer. Her husband, Gabe, is a stay-at-home dad who looks after their young β€œIrish twins”. Everyone loves Gabe and they seem like a perfect couple.

The chapters alternate between past and present. This works well as we learn the back story. Pippa is the principal narrator but we also have the voice of Amanda. Amanda happens to be a woman who died going over the cliff in front of Pippa’s and Gabe’s home. We hear from her posthumously. She contributes a lot to the story. The connection is a total surprise!

The story demonstrates how the ideal life can suddenly be upended. Secrets have repercussions. Seemingly innocent actions can have dire consequences.

As per usual with Ms Hepworth there are lots of little twists along the way. The book keeps the readers on their toes, we have no idea where it will end up. Not surprisingly, the ending was nothing like I expected it to be.

This is a fast read, entertaining and a page-turner. Short chapters, easy to think One More Chapter, until it’s past midnight. I can see this story turned into a movie!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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