Sorry I Missed You, a Review by Vivian

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Sorry I Missed You
Suzy Krause

313 pages
Published June 1 2020 by Lake Union Publishing

9 hours 17 minutes
Amanda Ronconi (Narrator)
Brilliance Audio

Three strangers are brought together when they rent separate suites in the same house. The building is owned by a reclusive man who inherited the house after his aunt died. He refuses to live in the house himself, because he is well aware of past suicides in the attic, and the now presence of ghosts. Revealing this flaw would make his house unmarketable, and so he keeps it from his new tenants.

Maude, Mackenzie, and Sunna differ from one another in many ways, but they all share a common thread. Besides just moving into the same building, each one has been recently ghosted, and each woman has a desire to escape her former life. To anyone unfamiliar with the term “being ghosted,” it refers to a close relationship ending suddenly without explanation or communication.

These three women, unwilling friends at first, set out to find the writer of a mysterious note left in their shared mailbox that said, “Sorry I missed you!” Each thinks it was meant for them, that the person who dumped them has remorse and wants them back.

There is also a back story mystery to each of the three female characters, and as a reader I was drawn in to discover the truth behind each of them. The older woman, Maude, a cantankerous older woman who was left at the altar is annoying, but just the right woman to keep the humor going as she navigates the world of her two younger counterparts. The mystery of the youngest tenant, Mackenzie, will keep you guessing to the end.

I enjoyed Sorry I Missed You. It’s an easy read, filled with laugh out loud moments, but not without some silliness. All in all, it’s the perfect mix for readers who want something lighthearted, and for those who are willing to set aside seriousness for the sake of a few laughs.



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