Someone Else’s Shoes, a review by Di

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Mojo Moyes

Pamela Dorman Books
February 7, 2023
448 pages | Amazon

I loved this book. It is total entertainment but with a lot of substance.

What starts out as a comedy of errors (at times totally beyond belief!) turns into a story that covers many socially relevant subjects. Some of it is relayed lightly but there are always serious undertones!

Subjects covered include the entitlement of some annoying people, perceived infidelity, depression, the bond that can exist amongst women, cancer, unfair treatment of women in the workplace, intrigue, redemption.

This covers a lot of ground, bordering on being over the top. But, Ms. Moyes pulls it together. I don’t read books because I am looking for realism. I get enough of that in the current events. I look for a story that captivates me and entertains.

The characters are well-developed. A couple of them are not likeable. But, they were the ones I loved to hate. Another one starts out on shaky grounds but as I got to peel away the layers, she became a good person.

An excellent and fun story!

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