Sky of Thorns, a review by Corina

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“No, you fucking idiot! I am a fucking unicorn! I’ve never ridden a horse. I don’t know how to ‘maintain my balance’ because I. Don’t. Ride. Horses”

                                                     Sky of Thorns

                                                     Fleur Devillainy


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This was an amusing shifter fantasy. I’ve never heard of unicorn shifters but there were all sorts of shifters as refugees in this book. The FMC was the essence of a unicorn in a person’s body with her sass and personality. I enjoyed how the MMC had a parent that ended up being the FMCs guide to her destiny. I felt the queen was similar to the queen in Snow White and the MMCs father as well. The side characters were a delight to get to know.

The ride to the kingdom felt too long, granted it was building an image of the kingdom and their relationship it was needed. Just annoying to me.


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