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Molly James

Forever (Grand Central Publishing)
Publication Date: August 15th, 2023
384 Pages
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I enjoyed this book so much. I loved that it wasn’t just a romance and that Amy is dealing with her mom’s dementia. I have dealt with dementia and Alzheimer’s in my own family and there is a quote from the book that particularly touched my heart…“It’s hard when you miss someone when they stood right in front of you.”

The premise of this one was such fun, in a romantic way. Imagine being able to see your future with someone when you kiss them! This was such a fast paced, easy read and it was a joy to get lost in the pages. I loved being on Amy’s journey to find “The One”, I was excited for Amy to find her man. And even though the story was a touch magical the characters felt authentic, that was no easy feat by the author. Amy and her pals were characters I loved, people I genuinely liked and would be friends with. I loved how this group was like family and how Amy made her mom and her friends a priority. There is also a very diverse cast of characters and I appreciated that.Β One of the characters is into plants, flowers and nature in general. I loved the descriptions of the flora and fauna and the walks in the parks. I felt like I was there with the sunshine on my shoulders and the smells in my nose. It made me feel happy.

Even though I figured out who “The One” was before the big reveal it didn’t take away any of my enjoyment of the journey to get there, it was just so much fun, so I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. I loved this group so much and I was cheering them on in their different endeavours. It was so engaging I read it in a couple of sittings. Highly recommend!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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