Six Moons, Seven Gods, a review by Mary

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Six Moons, Seven Gods (The Legends of Baelon Book 1)
Robert A. Walker

307 Pages
November 1st, 2023

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💫 Book Overview💫

The skilled thieves of the Takers Guild plot to overthrow the kingdoms of Baelon, but when their plans are thwarted by a prescient woman and her brooding daughter, they must turn to the League of Assassins for assistance. Meanwhile, retired royal guard Rolft Aerns returns to the palace of King Axil with an old score to settle. When they all cross paths–and swords–in the dark shadows of Fostead’s south end, nothing is as it seems and the murder count rises quickly.

The long fingers of the Guild reach everywhere, and one overly ambitious thief is all it takes to spark a chain of events that will haunt the world of Baelon for many years to come.

Six Moons, Seven Gods is book one in The Legends of Baelon

💫Book Review💫

Where to begin. This book has everything I want in a fantasy series, Gods, Humans/ Complex characters, mythology, intriguing plot, and political intrigue. The author crafted a world that I did not want to leave. The world-building from the author was crafted brilliantly, While reading the book it felt like a breath of fresh air. I love reading books where the characters have their flaws and they are not perfect, it makes them feel more real and not just a fictional character. The story was written beautifully, I never had to go back and reread a part because I felt lost or confused. The author writes in perfect detail, but does not go overboard with adding too much detail in scenes. Overall, I loved the story and plot that the author created. I am super excited to read the sequel!

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