Silver Tears, a review by Tanya

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Silver Tears (Faye’s Revenge #2)
by Camilla Lackberg
Translated by Ian Giles
Narrator Tanya Cubric

9 hours
Published July 2021 by Knopf Publishing Group

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About the Book:
A spine-tingling novel of revenge, betrayal, and sisterhood from the internationally celebrated author of The Golden Cage.

She’s had to fight for it every step of the way, but Faye finally has the life she believes she deserves: she is rich, the business she built has become a global brand, and she has carefully hidden away her small family in Italy, where Jack, her ex-husband, can no longer harm them. She even has the wherewithal to occasionally turn a business trip to Rome into a steamy tryst. But when several major investors–women Faye had trusted implicitly–suddenly sell off their shares in the company, and the police officer who helped search for her daughter discovers the dark secret of Faye’s childhood, and she learns that Jack is no longer locked behind bars, Faye has no choice but to return to Stockholm. Not only does she have to fight again to keep her family safe, but now, at long last, she is forced to face the truth about her past. In this bold, mesmerizing story of seduction, deceit, and female power, a woman’s secret cannot stay buried forever.

My Review:
Having read Book 1, I was interested to see where Book 2 would venture to.

This read was very steamy! I remember a bit of that in Book 1 but there was much more in this book.  And of course, every time a steamy scene came on, one of my kids just happened to come walking in the room and I had to quick run to my phone to stop the audiobook!  Isn’t that always the way!!  Steam in an audiobook is like a Siren’s call around this house somehow…

I loved how Faye has been able to control so much in her life after the crap she took in Book 1.  In this story, there are some flashbacks to her teenage years and her horribly abusive upbringing. It also explains how she is able to stiffen up her spine, when needed.

The biggest challenge I had with this book is with all of the things Faye has been through, she continues to be walked on and taken advantage of by men.  I’m not sure why her character continuously gets in these situations when she has show such strength at different times.  It seems a bit of a miss in her overall character profile.

If you like The Golden Cage, definitely pick this one up to see what happens to Faye next.

Thank you to #KnopfDoubledayPublishing and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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