Sign Here, a review by Sherry

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Sign Here
Claudia Lux

416 pages
Published October 15, 2022

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Do you have time for one more spooky book this month?  This has to be the most unique book I’ve read this year.  A dual timeline with one being a family going to their summer home (yeah I know you read that all the time) and the second being in hell where its inhabitants are trying to get others to sign their souls over to the devil.  While these timelines seemingly have nothing in common, but Peyote, from hell, is trying to sign one more and it happens to be the family’s daughter.

This is campy and fun when the story is in hell.  The higher the floor you work on, the better the perks.  The songs you hate are on repeat while in hell.  Can you imagine?

The family is definitely dysfunctional and is harboring secrets from a mysterious death years ago. 

I switched back and forth from the print and the audio and can’t decide which I liked more.  The narrators were great and brought you into the story, while the book gave me moments to pause and think about things.

I can’t believe this is a debut.  It was over the top at times, but that just added to the fun.  While it will not be for everyone, you have to appreciate the unique, clever storyline and know it will be like nothing you have ever read.



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