Shipped, a review by Allyson

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Angie Hockman

336 pages
Published  January 19th, 2021 by Gallery Books

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Shipped by Angie Hockman is a cute rom-com with a hate to love trope that was just so much fun to read.

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Henley is a hardworking market manager for a cruise line when the promotion of her dreams becomes available. Henley is put in a neck to neck competition with Graeme, the companies social media manager whom Henley absolutely hates. Their task is to each take a cruise and put together a marketing campaign. whoever comes up with the best proposal wins the position.

The Good:

I loved the characters in this book. They were all very distinct and entertaining. This book gave me such good vibes, all the tropical locations, and all the adventures they get into. I can not wait to travel again! I am also a sucker for the hate to love trope so this book was perfect for me.
The bad:

The Bad:

I can’t point to anything specifically that was “bad” about this novel. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five because I just find it hard to give romance books 5. while they are fun to read they generally lack deeper meaning and the writing style is pretty standard. For me to give a book 5 stars it has to be memorable in some way and I just don’t feel like I will remember this book through the years.

Overall I did enjoy reading this and the vibes that the book gave off. I would recommend reading this when you need an escape from everyday life and stresses.

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