Shifting and Shenanigans, a review by Kristie

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Shifting and Shenanigans
Elizabeth Pantley

210 pages
Better Beginnings, Inc in July, 2022

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This book was simply pure fun. Paige and her aunt Glo have inherited her grandmother’s inn, and apparently the secret library underneath it. Upon checking it out, they find a talking cat who tells them they need to start a book club of specifically eight people.

Once they have their club together, they venture into the library to start. What they don’t expect, however, is how book club actually goes. With a returning member, and Frank the talking cat, they expected some sort of warning before being sucked into the story itself!

At the start of each book, the group is transported into it and given notes on how to solve the cozy mystery at hand. But as they go, they realize that they’re not only there to observe and solve the mystery, but they are now characters written into the books themselves.

Through creative investigation and getting to know the people in the fictional town, they’re able to piece together the pieces of the puzzle so that they can solve the mystery and return home. But what if not everyone wants to go?

This was magical, original, and so, so funny! The characters are great, and I can’t wait to see more of them!


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