Seven Perfect Things, a review by Di

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Catherine Ryan Hyde

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Lake Union Publishing
May 4, 2021
318 pages

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This book has been a perfect ray of sunshine. And, it has also worked as a palette cleanser after reading a couple of heavier books.

Seven Perfect Things is about a 13 year old girl (who is wise and philosophical way beyond her years), 7 puppies who she rescued from drowning in the river, a set of very unhappy parents and a grieving husband who just lost his wife.

The book is not all sunshine and lollipops. It has some dark and sad moments. Abby, the 13 year old, manages to bring wisdom into every situation. While in reality this probably would not be the way it happens, it is perfect for this story.

And puppies!!! Who doesn’t love puppies? These puppies push the story along and play an integral part in the development of the plot. In fact, if it were not for these puppies, this story would be completely different.

The book has it’s villain, Abby’s father. He has not seen a happy day in his life. There is no physical abuse but there is verbal abuse. But, of course, good triumphs over evil.

This book has all the markings of a Hallmark movie, including the necessary happy ending. While it is not realistic, it is perfect for readers who want a light read full of happy puppies. I think everyone needs a feel good book every so often. This will fill that need.

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