Santa Maybe, a review by Kristin

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Santa Maybe
By: Mary Jayne Baker

Publication Date: October 13, 2022
Published By: Aria
352 pages

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Elodie Martin has inherited the family toy store but has never really been able to get into the Christmas spirit. One thing she loves, however, is competing for the best Christmas Grotto against her nemesis Callum Ashley, the owner of a local department store. Elodie and Callum have known each other since school, and she’s never really liked him – always thought he was a spoiled kid. However, Christmas is the only time she can compete with Callum because her grandad was known for being the best Santa. But he must give it up after suffering a health decline, and they replace him with an out of work actor named Nick Winter. Can Elodie find her happily ever after? Will Callum get what he’s always wanted?

This was a very cute Christmas romance. The witty banter between Elodie and Nick made me laugh out loud! I absolutely love Christmas, so I was able to connect with Nick and all his jolly, even if I don’t necessarily agree with his Christmas movie choices! Some relationships feel a little forced, and the book felt a little drawn out at times, BUT I really loved it, especially the ending. If you like an easy to read, heartwarming, make you smile romance, then this is a must read for you!


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