Run Time, a Review by Shelley

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Catherine Ryan Howard

Blackstone Publishing
Publishing September 16th, 2022
417 pages

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This book was pretty unique in that it is a book about a movie script that contains a book. Yes, that means three plot threads to follow and I loved every minute of it. Howard writes it in a way that is interesting and easy to follow. The story(ies) sucked me in right away and the character Adele was effective, compelling, charismatic, and unreliable as all hell.

Catherine Ryan Howard is a consummate story within a storyteller. She has done this with other books and always manages to do so effectively. This one has many twists you won’t see coming and the turns will give you whiplash. The #metoo theme of the book is front and center and brings to light the misogynic behaviour in the entertainment industry and brought forth the women’s empowerment message.

I loved the remote setting in Ireland. It was gothic and creepy in all the best ways and was very remote and atmospheric. It made the book very suspenseful and left me feeling anxious while reading it. This was such a fun and entertaining read and so meta. Highly recommend.

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